Saturday achievements.

Excellent. Must go and update the Achievements page, it is falling behind again.

That was a more or less perfect afternoon. Went to the gym. Was cordially served salmon and sweet potatoes by Delroy, The Most Gorgeous Staff Member. Then power-walked five miles on the treadmill. Then a full 45-minute weights workout. Then I went to the pool and vigorously swam lengths for an hour (that is not many lengths by the way, I am still very much a beginner and have to have rests because I run out of breath). Then ten minutes in the jacuzzi and five minutes in the sauna, admiring the cute boys. Shower. Home. Feels so nice. More tomorrow. My house is still a tip and that’s why Disraeli is still waiting to hear from me. Three Health points. Get up and dance.

’cause I’m so smooth.

Big Daddy Kane: Smooth Operator (1989)

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