Nobody beats the Biz.

OK, so I haven’t blogged in a couple of days because as you can tell I was experiencing some momentary frustration there and I wanted to wait until I had something worth reporting. So here we are.


As you know, I took two weeks off from the gym because of ill health and this and that. Added to which, work has gone crazy again – we are always busy in the run up to Christmas. Furthermore, British weather at this time of year is not pleasant and it gets dark at about 5pm which is really interfering with my regular outdoors walking routine, which includes parks.

At first, when I was first absent from the gym I was losing miraculous amounts of weight, both fat and muscle. This was okay with me because although I was sad to see the muscle disappear so quickly, I was really super happy to see the fat melting as well. But then things took an unfortunate turn and I started regaining fat around the middle. I am actually scared to get on the scales at this point. I am just going to put my faith in the gym because I don’t care what anyone says about exercise contributing only a small amount to weight loss, I’ve just witnessed what happens when I stop exercising. So I am back on it.

I went yesterday and today and did two walks and a swim, so 3 Health points. I need to go every single day now that the weather is bad outside.

I am very happy indeed to report that my swimming has suddenly improved. I think I’ve kinda sorta figured out how to breathe and swim at the same time, which is amazing. I’m not fast and I think my breathing technique is probably awful but I can swim a length, properly swimming with one’s head in the water, without stopping so that’s ok. That means I can swim lengths now like someone who knows what the pool is for. Today I power-walked about 7 miles on the treadmill and then went in the pool and swam lengths until my legs were tired. Awesome. I am so happy that I can just about swim well enough now to make it a legit form of exercise. I might swim every day for a while and see what happens.


Well. A quick recap of the story so far. Blast-from-the-past Old Boyfriend Sayed suddenly reappeared in my life, causing me to have strong Feels and an unwelcome and vivid dream life.  I successfully treated this condition with regular applications of the Head Honcho, who functions as a sort of anaesthetic cream, preventing me from having feelings for other people. This worked out great until we both remembered why we don’t get along and aren’t dating each other. So then I was a bit stuck and moderately annoyed. But then things suddenly improved, with the result that I have returned to my usual genial mood. Specifically, I went on a date with Disraeli, the young political writer who I mentioned once before, and he was charming and I will be very happy to see him again and in fact I need to clean up my house so I can have him over. Moreover, I went on another date with a delightful Hungarian boy who was also charming and he seems quite keen to have a second date as well. So that’s great. But now let’s get to the really good part.

The Most Gorgeous Staff Member

Most Gorgeous Staff Member’s name is Delroy, it turns out. He is 28. He is so gorgeous it is actually a bit painful to look at him. He was there at the gym yesterday, serving in the restaurant, a place which I now make a point of visiting, even if I don’t buy anything. Delroy and I had a short conversation at the counter and he is the most endearing blend of confident and chatty mixed with sudden coyness and a tendency to blush. My God. I told him plainly that I will get him into trouble if he lets me. He responded by giving me full details of what time he expects to be in the pool on Monday evening ‘because it would be nice to chat’. You call it what you like, darling. I don’t mind.

As you can imagine, I’ll be dieting rather strenuously over the weekend as well as cleaning my house. But first, get up and dance.

Biz Markie: Nobody Beats The Biz (1987)

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