Well, that came out of the blue.

Only just got back in the gym, suddenly floored by a surprise migraine. Spent most of the last 24 hours unsuccessfully trying to sleep it off. Still feel like shit. Am only at my computer now because I was woken up by a horrible dream, apparently set in the present day, where Sayed left me a second time; I woke up crying. This is insane. I had no idea, absolutely no idea, that he was the owner of so much real estate inside my head. I am glad the Honcho is paying attention because I need him right now. I am thinking of breaking up with everyone and anyone else who might have a claim on me, principally meaning Hussein. I can’t cope with other romantic attachments, I feel mentally unbalanced. If the Honcho were as emotionally psychic as my last serious boyfriend, he could be cashing in right now. Thankfully, he is not psychic. He is just a dude who sometimes knows when to lean in for the kill and sometimes not.

Aretha Franklin: Dr Feelgood (Love Is A Serious Business)

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