My gym is a temple of happiness.

I dragged myself out of my torpor and went to the gym. Actually, I went for a ten-mile march (march this time, not walk) and then I went to the gym where I lifted weights. I have definitely lost some muscle and am as weak as a kitten but that is easily remedied because apparently I can pack on muscle almost as easily as I can pack on fat. After the weights I soaked in the jacuzzi.

As you know, it took me nearly two weeks to get back in the gym, during which time I used a hangover and then a cold as excuses. I should have trusted my past experience. It is nice to be back. It seems to be a simple fact that exercise makes me feel happy, empowered and uplifted, more or less immediately. Within a few minutes of getting moving. I particularly love marching. Marching efficiently around outdoors, while looking fit, in well-coordinated sportswear, makes me feel like I’m in control of my entire life. I can tell when I’m in an extra good mood when I break into a run.

At the gym, the Most Gorgeous Staff Member was working in the restaurant. I haven’t seen him for a few weeks but he seemed to remember me from our earlier conversation, in which I complimented him on his blinding good looks. So there I am, standing at the counter, and he chats to me in a friendly way about absolutely fuck all, being all smiley and looking meaningfully into my eyes as he chit-chats about the gym. I interrupted him and told him I was unable to concentrate on his chit-chat because ‘you are too handsome, it is distracting, I can’t talk to you, get me a protein shake please’.  His workmate LOLd. Gorgeous Staff Member blushed and got me a protein shake. I took my shake and departed for the women’s locker room. Two minutes later I came back and gave him my phone number scrawled on the back of a receipt. Did I mention that I love my gym?

As if to further prove the magical properties of the gym, the Honcho emailed and texted me while I was in the pool. I don’t mind a bit of Honcho attention right now. Apart from enjoying the compliments, it keeps me from wasting time thinking about Sayed. The Honcho might be a horrible pretend boyfriend but at least he is a safe bet, insofar as he stays in his cage and is completely reliable in failing to organise real-life dates.

2 Health points.

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