Freakily Weigh In

OK, so this is weird. We just had the Weakly Weigh In yesterday. Now, I know one is not supposed to get on the scales every five minutes but I am doing that a lot at the moment because I am afeared of putting weight back on. I am still eating very sparingly. At lunchtime yesterday I felt like my stomach had shrunk.

So anyway, late last night I appeared to have lost more weight, going down to 139 lbs (oh my god, the ecstatic thrill of a number that starts with 13- and not 14-, may it ever remain thus). And then eight hours later, this morning, I’ve gone down again to 138 lbs. This means:

  • I am within FIVE POUNDS of my target weight.
  • I have got to be shedding muscle mass as well as fat at this point.
  • But I do not care. The gym will take care of that part.

I have just tried on my tiniest lime-green shorts. These shorts are by Karrimore and the label says size 12, but that is such a lie. Most of my gym clothes are in fact a UK size 12 (that’s a US size 8 if you are playing at home). Nike medium size is a 12. These shorts are not a 12, they are a UK size 10 and that’s why I don’t wear them. I tried them on and … well, my hips are still a little bit too generously curvy for them. There’s a gentle, not pronounced, bit of squish at the sides where the elastic waistband is pressing into the fat on my hips, creating a slight muffin top. I could wear them without embarrassment. What I will in fact do is wait until I’ve shed a few more pounds and they fit well. However, the point is, last time I tried on these shorts, not very long ago, they looked absolutely ridiculous and I was bulging out all over in a comical fashion. Now they are within the realms of things that I can almost wear.

I feel superstitious about my magical weight loss. I think I am going to update the ticker chart in the sidebar right now before the magic spell breaks and I suddenly regain 20 lbs.

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