Weakly Weigh In

I have insomnia, so I got out of bed and got on the scales, as you do at 3am, because I didn’t recall eating very much yesterday. And I am 140 lbs, or ten stone exactly.

– I’ve lost two pounds since last time.

– 140 lbs is a new record since TLYW began.

– I’m within seven pounds now of my target weight.  Seven pounds. That’s only half a stone.

Admittedly, some of this must be lost muscle mass as I haven’t weight trained for nearly two weeks now. But some of it has to be lost fat as well, right? Right?

I am pretty impressed with myself that I had a cold that confined me to the house for several days with nothing to do but work and snack and I not only didn’t comfort-eat, I actually managed to lose weight. I rock.

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