Gym fail.

Well, this is great. I just about got on top of work and now I have a cold. That’s going to kick a hole in my gym schedule, isn’t it. I am drinking tea and blowing my nose a lot.

I am also absolutely surrounded by knitting and we know that is a danger zone. I have piles of yarn, from sparkly sari ribbon to sombre Scottish wool and everything in between, patterns, needles, about 18 live projects. Last time this happened, I gained almost a stone. Also I don’t want to quit exercising. I like swimming. I hope I get better as quickly as possible. I am eating sparingly.

While I am recovering, let’s have some serious hardcore hip hop to keep our brains awake and the adrenaline pumping. This is a classic tune with a rhythm that will kick your ass. Parental advisory blah blah, lyrics. Get up and dance.

This should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area. 

Dr Dre ft. Rage, Kurupt, RBX, Snoop Dogg, D.O.C.: Lyrical Gangbang (1992)

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