Weakly Weigh In

I’ve been fairly inactive this week and sitting at one’s desk guzzling lattes and eating handfuls of nuts probably isn’t a great idea. I looked huge yesterday and was despondent. I felt like I’d gained at least three pounds. But I now think that I must have just eaten something during the day that was making me bloated, maybe it was that large ham and cheese omelette.

I got on the scales this morning and I’m only 1 lb heavier than last time, which I am just going to ignore. The reason I was even on the scales in the first place is because I wanted to wear my Best Jeans to go out in today but they are suddenly too large. I don’t mean baggy. I mean actual, falling-down, no-longer-fit-me, too large. So now I am wearing my older, more battered Skinny Jeans, which have always been a reliable indicator of my girth, and they are not clownishly large but they are comfortably roomy around the waist.

I dreamed about Sayed again last night, which irritates the fuck out of me but on the plus side I think the Honcho made a brief appearance, which cheers me up. As long as we keep mixing it up and there isn’t any one single figure who’s dominating the scene, I am safe from the horrible fate of getting sucked into a serious relationship.

2 thoughts on “Weakly Weigh In”

  1. Interesting about the dreams. I think it’s clear from what you said earlier that meeting up with Sayeed obviously surfaced a lot if issues for you and had a very unsettling effect. I thought at the time ‘this is not like G’. But hey, our minds (conscious or unconscious) are wonderful things, and the dreams are your way of processing whatever is going on in your life. Saves time during the day for things like work, anyway 😉

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