One pound down plus bonus historical dating gossip.

I’m so busy. There will be a proper post soon, I’m just checking in to report that I am continuing to exercise as much as I can, while eating sparingly. I got on the scales this morning and I have lost another pound.

– I weigh 141 lbs, or ten stone 1 pound or 64 kilos.

– I am within eight pounds now of my target weight, which is what I used to weigh in 2000 and let’s bear in mind I had no muscle at that time.

– I saw someone last night who I haven’t seen in 13 years and he says I am exactly the same size as when he knew me before. Which isn’t strictly true because I am sure I remember being a UK size 10 back in the day but it was nice to hear. I think he has gained more weight than I have.

It was interesting to see my ex from 13 years ago. I would have been in my early 30s at that time and was new in town, he was in his mid-40s, was very cool and was possibly my first boyfriend when I arrived in London. We dated for a few months and had fun and I loved him, the same as I would love anyone who I was dating for that long, you know me. So anyway, he eventually finished with me because he seemed to be under the impression that I wanted to get married or something. I was obviously unhappy about this but came to terms with it because the thing I liked most about him was his fierce independence. He had no ties to anyone and seemed to regard all the countries in the world as his home. I admired this a lot and wanted to be like him when I hit 45 and indeed I believe I am pretty close to having achieved it.

So anyway, here’s what happened to him during the next 13 years, as I have finally received a story update. Within a couple of days of us breaking up he started dating a 22-year-old, Eastern European girl, a farmer’s daughter, who he met at a bus stop, of all places (and wtf was he even doing at a bus stop? He had a Range Rover. He blatantly was not waiting for a bus). Jaw-droppingly, he immediately moved her into his house (after everything he said!), then gave her a lavish wedding in London, then she gave him a son and then he bought her a couple of houses, and not cheap ones.  She’s now 36, he’s pushing 60 and they don’t like each other any more. Marriage is difficult, boring and unsexy and the 23 year age gap is starting to make itself felt. I don’t know how sympathetic I am to this situation. In fact, I’m not that sympathetic. He should have known better. It’s not a secret that marriage is boring and kills sexual attraction. It is a well-known fact. I don’t know what he thought was going to happen. Anyway he’s stupidly bought her a lot of expensive property now so he can put up with it.

Men. Tut.

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