I have collected 5 Achievement points in 2 days, which might be a record. Two walks, two swims and one weight training session. I am so happy.

I love my gym.

I love the healthy food in the restaurant where they’ve already thought about things like protein and carbs, so that I don’t have to.

I love it when athletic guys at the gym smile at me, apparently motivated by something other than pity. Even when I have wet hair and no make-up.

I love the curvy, muscular shapes that are appearing in my upper arms, this is something I have always wanted.

I love my 10-mile march. I love being outdoors and gradually getting faster at going up the hills.

I love swimming!!! I have had two practise sessions since my lesson, I am getting the hang of it and I am about ready to see my instructor again.

I love sportswear. It is sexy and you can wear it at any age and look hot in it providing you are reasonably buff. I love the fact that my blue shorts, formerly my favourites, are getting too large for me. If you are thinking of starting to exercise, and you can afford it, I would seriously recommend getting at least one nice outfit that you really like, to work out in. It will make you feel good about yourself every time you exercise and thus make the whole experience more enjoyable, which is very important, esp when you are just starting out.

I love hip hop.

Chamillionaire ft. Slick Rick: Hip Hop Police (2007)

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