Five Hundred


I collected another Health point by marching 10 miles yesterday and that means …. drumroll ….. we did it, folks. Five hundred Achievement points since the start of TLYW, exactly three years ago. This might be one of the world’s rare successful examples of gamification. At first I was very embarrassed indeed by the cheesiness of the whole points system and didn’t know how it would pan out over the long term, but 3 years later, here we still are.

It took six months to earn the first hundred points and I now wish I’d recorded a summary of how those points broke down. So, for the avoidance of future disappointment, here’s how those first 500 points are distributed:

500 points

  1. In first place, Health, with a massive 256 points, more than half of our grand total.  I never thought of myself as someone who is good at looking after their health, and I still don’t. So 256 points is amazing to me. It includes 84 runs, 77 walks and 30 sessions of weight training, not to mention that whole bionic face thing.
  2. In second place, 80 points of Chinese. I therefore conclude that I actually know more Chinese than I think I do, and I should get back on it.
  3. In third place, 65 points of Housekeeping, also known as Reclaiming The Home. Which is good. The house is clean most of the time now. Although having said that, you would take points off me if you saw my kitchen sink at this moment.

Other notable points – I should Dance more and I am completely taking the piss and robbing my future self by not paying more attention to Finance. I think what this graph shows is that I should maybe cut back just a tiny little bit on the gym schedule and use that time to manage my money. I am not even going to worry about Books because I actually read a lot, I just don’t make the time to blog about it unless it is relevant to our favourite themes.

Overall, good work. I think Health was an area of my life where I needed to make a lot of improvements, as evidenced by the fact that I’ve lost 24 lbs and have six new teeth. So I am calling that a good start. I will now reset my target for 1,000 points and we will see if we can’t produce a more balanced-looking pie chart of achievements at that time. Also, since it has conveniently taken exactly 3 years to score 500 points, we will see if we can shave a few months off that time for the next 500.

Yay! 500 points! Crack open the champagne. Except don’t, because carbs. Have some sparkling water. Then get up and dance, because if we are going to do endurance sports then it’s about time we had the sheer luxury of the full-length, 15-minute version of Rapper’s Delight. Come on, Wonder Mike, do what you like.

Sugarhill Gang: Rapper’s Delight (1978)

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