Size Queen

Folks, it has officially happened. I have dropped a dress size. I suspected as much when some of the shirts I used to like most started to look a bit baggy on me. Then I found myself cautiously squeezing into smaller than usual shorts and wondering if it was a fluke that I could get them on. Well, today the truth is confirmed. I am wearing a very nice, very form-fitting black vest that is most definitely a UK size 12 and that I had hidden right in the back of the cupboard because I was too bulgy for it.

Let me translate that into some international languages. I used to be a UK 14 and now I’m a 12. This means:

  • in the cruel and arbitrary world of sportswear, I have moved from a Large to a Medium. I am now officially a normal, medium sized woman and not a freak in the eyes of the Catholic Church, I mean Nike.
  • in the US, I have moved from a size 10 to a size 8.
  • in continental Europe, I have moved from a 42 to a 40.

I don’t measure myself with a tape measure very much because I am crap at it but all the above leads me to think that I have lost two inches off my so-called waist.

Right, I must run. Swimming lesson.

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