We are 3 years old today.

Yay! Happy birthday TLYW. It is one of the best things I’ve ever done and it would be nothing without you, lovely readers.  You’ve come all this way with me on my big journey.

Thank you SO MUCH.

TLYW 3 bday

I’m especially thrilled that this birthday finds me diligently collecting points and looking record-breakingly slim because it makes me feel like I am getting somewhere.

Things we have achieved this year:

  • Lost weight.
  • Went to Berlin and spent the whole weekend in techno clubs dancing like a teenager.
  • Went to Budapest to see the art and architecture and hear a Liszt concert.
  • Studied a lot of Chinese in the early part of the year (need to get back on the case with that!)
  • Face full of titanium and six new teeth. Awesome. Fucking hell. That was one of the scariest, bloodiest, most physically traumatic things I’ve ever experienced in my whole life.
  • Knitted a whole pile of jumpers which I’m probably now slim enough to wear.
  • Margaret Thatcher died. OK, that wasn’t a personal achievement of mine but it was still fabulous.
  • I started speaking to my brother again after five years of estrangement. That’s not something I’ve blogged about here but it took some effort on my part and the reward is that my mom is slightly happier.
  • Went to Yorkshire to visit my BFF.
  • Went to Egypt.
  • Saw quite a lot of art and theatre in London.
  • Went to the One Love reggae festival.
  • Took up weight training.
  • Went to Jordan.
  • Finally stopped being in love with the Head Honcho.
  • Became a VIP at the gym, where I now live.

In other news, Abdul finished with me. I cannot blame him as he needs to get married. By this I do not mean to imply that he doesn’t want to get married, I am sure he does want to, very much. But he also needs to, in the sense that there is going to be a wedding in about 10 weeks, and he needs to pay attention to that upcoming event. So I think we have unfortunately met at quite the wrong time and missed each other, which is a shame. Hussein is as keen as ever. In fact, I need to gently speak to him about not calling me 18 times a day. Baby. Once would be more than enough.

Tonight I am going to celebrate TLYW’s third birthday by having dinner with my ex boyfriend, you know the one. The one who inadvertently was the cause of this blog when I broke up with him 3 years ago. Of course I am excited to show up looking slim and fit. Should be good fun!

7 thoughts on “We are 3 years old today.”

  1. Well Gloria, doesn’t time fly. You’ve come a very long way baby – I’m truly proud of you and your achievements. I’m sure the ex will be startled by your transformation – you are barely recognisable as the same person. Metaphorically and actually, you have power-walked to a fabulous new you

    Lots of love on your anniversary


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