Work is insane. I am just trying to get through it.

10 mile march today, no weights yet (1 Health point).

On the romance front, I may have achieved one of my own personal states of nirvana. If you remember, one of the main things I really found compatible about the Head Honcho was his constant attention to me combined with never actually physically being there, which left me plenty of free time to pursue my life. So autumn 2013 finds us in an interesting situation. Between Abdul, my brother, my mentor, and young Hussein, my heart is wholly and entirely in the Middle East. Nice and far away, just where I like it. Leaving me free to live a life in London of work and of admirable health and celibacy where I am at the gym in the way that some people show up to church.

Slick Rick: King Piece In The Chess Game (1999).

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