How kind!

I have most definitely regained some flab around the middle since returning from my holiday, this is because the pristine regime of health that I enjoyed in Jordan was immediately followed by Cake Week, in which I attempted to eat all the cake and ice cream in North London. I am not going to feel bad about the flab because I know now how to get rid of it, it is just sheer bloody persistence, that’s all it takes, and that’s something I can do. And in the meantime I know how to dress to cover it up.

So anyway. A lovely thing happened to me today! I went for my 10 mile march (1 Health point) and the journey home was via my gym because that’s where I keep my gym stuff now, in my new Permanent Locker. I paused outside the gym to fiddle with my phone and a lady I didn’t know approached me, a cuddly looking lady about my age. For reference, I’m wearing muddy white Nike trainers, blue Lonsdale shorts and a blue Adidas running shirt and I look sweaty because I’ve just walked 10 miles.

Lady: (staring at my clothes) Are you a runner?

Gloria: Erm, not really.

Lady: (staring at my legs in a very un-British way) I thought you must be a runner. You have very good legs.

Gloria. Wow! Thank you so much. I walk, actually.

Lady: How much? How far do you walk?

Gloria: 10 miles a day, 7 days a week.

Lady: Well that is why you have a good physique. Very good posture as well. I see you come in and out of here and you walk like this. (pulls herself up to her fullest height and throws her shoulders back) So that’s why I came over to ask you what you do.

Gloria: (laughing) Well, thank you so much. That really made my day. Thank you.

In other news, disco. I might need to declare it a new themed TLYW season because these long daily walks need a constant flow of big tunes and right now it is AAAAAALLLLLLLLLL about disco. Ooh yeah. Get up and dance!

Patrick Hernandez: Born To Be Alive (1979)


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