That’s better.

  • Brisk 10-mile march.
  • Weight training session. I found myself struggling a bit, I must have lost some muscle in my upper body while shedding body mass in Jordan. I dealt with the situation by reducing the weight and dramatically increasing the number of reps, by about 50%.
  • Swimming! I swam for about 30 minutes. It is not like swimming in the sea where it is nice and deep and you can bob about for hours. The pool is too shallow for my taste. However, the temperature was fine and the chlorine wasn’t overpowering. It struck me that there are two distinct groups of pool users. (1) People who are there to play with their kids, also women who swim with their heads out of the water and have undisturbed hair and make-up. (2) People who can actually swim. These people use the lanes and do lengths. I would like to be one of the latter but I do not know enough about proper breathing and stuff. So I will attempt to teach myself off YouTube and/or book an actual swimming lesson, I will be amazed if my gym doesn’t have swimming instructors.

3 Health points. Now I have to get back to work.

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