Mindless and vain beauty chat.

On the one hand … I am loving Aussie Miracle Moist conditioner. I normally use a different brand but had a bottle of this in my gym bag today. I washed my hair after swimming, mildly concerned about the chlorine, took a good handful of this and combed it through my hair and then left it for a while before rinsing. I didn’t style my hair, I just left it to air-dry and rather to my surprise, my hair is the thickest-looking and glossiest I’ve seen it for ages. So I guess that’s my new brand now.

On the other hand … Hussein, who skypes me every night, keeps telling me that I look tired. Honey. I know it is out of concern, but please. I don’t constantly look like I’m glowing with health and youthful vigour because I don’t constantly have the luxury of living in a five star hotel and being expertly catered for and swimming in the sea all day long. This is what I look like in London. I have to do loads of work and business so that I can afford to live here and this is what it makes you look like. It is why we have cosmetics. Which I would apply if you ever gave me advance notice that you are going to call me 🙂


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