Sorry about this, everyone. In a completely predictable way, just because I have upgraded my gym membership, work has gone crazy, which is in fact why I am writing this post at midnight on a Saturday. I have a stupid amount of work that I have to get done by the end of Monday so I am just chained to my desk. I am for some reason eating a diet of jelly and ice cream and I can feel myself expanding. I am terrified to go near the scales. I just want to get this piece of work finished so I can get back in the gym where I belong.

So tired. Going to bed now. Tonight is the first night that Jordanian boy, who we shall henceforth call Hussein, has not Skyped me since I returned to London. Lest one might think he is losing interest, I happen to know he is a guest at his grandmother’s house tonight, because I know every detail of his life now, what with the evening skyping and the text messages that I receive during the day, informing me of all his activities. God love him. I wish I were younger, I would marry him and give him babies. He will make someone a lovely husband.

At work I just take time, and all through my coffee break time, I say a little prayer for you.

Aretha Franklin: I Say A Little Prayer

2 thoughts on “Work”

  1. Watched a great TV programme this week on elderly fashionistas. One of them was Gillian Lynn the dancer and choreographer. She’s 87 now, and 35 years ago she married someone 27 years her junior. (I’ll let you do the maths). They are still together and blissfully happy. Just saying……,,

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