Summer of Love: End of Part 2

Folks, I think I have to admit it, Summer of Love 2013 has come to a close. It’s been going since May, around the time that I broke up with Marcel and the weather now is definitely autumnal. Let’s review what’s happened since May and all over the summer:

  • Broke up with Marcel, who in himself was a band-aid over the massive battle wounds inflicted by the Head Honcho.
  • Went on dates with about 10 people and met Pedro. Dated Pedro for a while.
  • Went to Egypt and fell in love with Abdul.
  • Returned to London. Dated Pedro a bit more.
  • The TLYW season known as Fitness, Motherfuckers kicked off in July and I started spending all my time and money on exercise, with gradual results.
  • Broke up with Pedro. Met Socrates. Endured Honcho-related setbacks.
  • Went to Jordan and fell in love again.
  • Returned to London, reconnected with Socrates, went on 2 more dates this week which don’t merit writing about, and suspended my online dating account.

Final scores at end of play 19-09-2013. Holiday romances: 2. Friends with Benefits in London: 1 (thank you, Socrates). Falling in love with someone who lives in London and is available for a relationship: 0.

I’m going to call that good enough. It is not 100% what I was aiming for, but it is good enough. Socrates is amiable, gorgeous and locally based. My favourite Jordanian is passionate, romantic and far enough away that I don’t have to worry about it turning into anything serious. I am calling that a good result.

Thanks for playing along, everyone! I have now cleared my diary of social engagements and I am going to start treating the gym like it is my new boyfriend. And that ought to mean that I am in good shape for the online dating Xmas season, which as we all know is the most magical time of year in the whole online dating calendar and is the true meaning of Christmas.

He was sweet, just turned eighteen. She was good, you know what I mean.

Grease: Summer Nights

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