• I have been out and walked twice more, just short ones, not my usual 10 miles because I wasn’t really feeling it in the cold and rain. But enough to score two Health points.
  • In view of the autumn weather, I have upgraded my membership at the gym so now I can go at all the hours they are open and lord knows I need to make a priority of it if I don’t want to regain every single ounce that I lost while on holiday.
  • My house is clean. That wasn’t because of Socrates coming over to pay homage to my new, slightly less fat, body, I just, erm, felt like cleaning my house. 1 Home point.
  • My man in Jordan skypes me every night, somewhat to my surprise. We will have to give him a name if he keeps it up. He bought me a necklace and I would wear it to talk to him but as of right now I am not absolutely 100% sure where it is. Which is a little bit awkward.  And that’s all the news.

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