I am enclosed in a little bubble of being-on-holiday. Not for much longer, it’ll be over soon enough, but for now, here I still am. It’s weird. I’m enjoying unsurpassable luxury at this hotel, at the same time it is a bit like being a bird in a gilded cage. Maybe because I’m here alone and therefore able to be unnaturally single-minded about my daily agenda. If I were here with someone else they would have died of boredom days ago. So here’s the very limited news.

– my feet are blistered all over from being on the treadmill all the time.

– my sun burn has matured into a golden tan. It’s a rather patchy tan because I wear one piece swimsuits and the Middle East is hardly the place for nude sunbathing but the bits of me that are regularly exposed to the sun have gone a nice colour. I was thinking that maybe when I return to London I’ll get a spray tan to colour in the white bits.

– I look quite slim all over and my arse is tiny, but I STILL have a bulgy tum. I am going to have to have about a month of War On Abs, I reckon. It could be a new TLYW themed season. I also can see that I’ll have to shed every single ounce of spare body fat if I want a flat stomach because that’s where it collects.

– I haven’t bothered with any spa treatments because why would you when you can wrap yourself in the salty sea every afternoon.

– I can speak a few words of Arabic now.

Home soon. I’m a London girl, really. But this has been one of the best holidays I’ve ever had.

A random shot of the city that I have seen a bit more of than I am letting on.


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