Swim, Sleep, Swim

Well, I’ve just ended my second full day here in a country that I’ll name when I’ve made it safely home. Here’s all the news.

– Nosferatu who? Honcho whatnow? I just don’t care any more. Sun, beach, five thousand or so miles of separation, feels great. I’m on holiday in exotic lands and he’s at home like the sad little twat he is. Now I’m here I can’t think why I was taking him so seriously.

– Swimming! I spent the whole day swimming in the sea yesterday and some of today. The rest of the time I’ve mostly been asleep because the exercise plus 40-degree heat is knocking me out.

– I have sunburn, natch, I was a fool to think I could avoid it.

– Have not set foot in the gym yet and last night I smoked half a dozen of someone else’s cigarettes which is super great for my lungs so that’s where we are up to with running, bah.

– I am eating very sparingly & extremely healthily. There are no working scales in my room and I’m quite happy to defer a weigh in until I get home but I am looking ok in swimwear. In fact I look at the other guests at this resort and I can see that I am in much better shape than most women my age which slightly amazes me. I think the bar is set unrealistically high in London because everyone there is very body conscious. I must go to the gym tomorrow. And do ab crunches and leg raises in my room.

Love you! Wish you were here!

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