And we are almost ready to go.

I haven’t finished packing but we are getting there. The important stuff is done. I am checked in for my flight and the house is clean (enough for family). I can throw some more clothes and a bit of knitting in a suitcase right now easily enough.

I downed tools earlier because it was getting on for about four o’clock and I suddenly realised I was missing blazing sunshine outside so I packed my gym bag and went out for a few hours, in fact I didn’t get home until 9.30. Highlights:

– Went out for a 10 mile brisk march in the sunshine.

– Returned to gym for a 45 minute weights session.

– Sat in the jacuzzi for half an hour and smiled at a cute boy.

They should stay open all night. I would go. I am thinking of upgrading my membership when I get back from this trip so I can spend more time there.

I just cannot tell you how excited I am to have the opportunity to exercise on a full time basis for the next several days. It is just what I need. I can really concentrate on getting fit. I am seeing results, as one would jolly well hope given the amount of effort I’m putting in, but I am desperate to get rid of the last few pounds of fat that are firmly glued to my waist and hips and that are obscuring what is probably a not bad set of abs. I was checking myself out in the mirror at the gym on the way to the jacuzzi, and while I have pretty nice arms and legs, and I don’t look awful overall, I do look pale, podgy and flabby around the middle in a bikini.

However, readers, note that I am now wearing bikinis in public situations so you can tell that the TLYW Fitness Mofos campaign, which is now two months old, is GRADUALLY OMG SO GRADUALLY yielding dividends. At this rate, I should be scorching hot just in time for the Christmas online dating season.

Oh, there’s one more bit of news. I might have met someone. On the dating site. We haven’t met in person yet but he seems adorable. He really reminds me of young Klaus, who brought me so much happiness, love and support in 2012. So we will see. Even more of a reason to concentrate on getting buff. Maybe I will even consider getting a spa treatment.

Look at that, I wrote a whole post without any Honcho-related wangst. 1 Sanity point. And 2 Health points for earlier.

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