A much-needed change of scene.

Tonight’s date contacted me (last night, actually) to say he needed to postpone because of work. So what I did this evening instead was go to the gym to lift weights, have a light meal and then go out to briskly walk 10 miles because I am hardcore. 2 Health points. I need to go and update the Achievements page right now because I am racking up points so fast that it keeps falling behind.

That concludes my chance to fall in love in London, at least for the time being. I now have about 48 hours to clean my house and make it ready for my house-sitter because it is time to get the hell out of Dodge and go back to the Middle East. I am not going to Egypt to see Abdul, but it is nearly that exciting. More details will be revealed as the story unfolds. Relevant highlights of the trip: (1) there is no work; (2) it is several days; (3) ALL I am going to do is exercise. I am going to use the gym every day, retrain myself to run, swim in the pool, swim in the sea, eat healthily, get a tan, get some clean, fresh air.

And maybe, just maybe, someone will take me into the desert.

Readers, I need this trip. Dealing with the Honcho is often stressful but this recent round of negotiations has been most dreadfully gruelling and I am inclined to be sad. Getting out of the UK is just what I need. Leave him in his little house in his crap little town (for readers, he does not even have the common decency to live in London) and fly far, far away to the lands of camels, deserts, coral reefs, the burning sun and men, dark of countenance, whose beautiful faces look as though they were carved out of stone.

Let’s have some music. I love this tune. I know it’s only Take That but it sounds exactly like the Beatles in their Sergeant Pepper era.

Take That: Shine

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