Exercise your way to mental health (very slowly).

  • Weights at the gym (okay).
  • Running on treadmill (rubbish, managed about 20 minutes and not consecutively).
  • Remember that you didn’t eat any breakfast and have a protein shake.
  • Leave all your stuff at the gym and go out to walk 8 miles because of crap treadmill performance. Stop at mile 4 and email the Honcho a picture of yourself in a sports bra, invite him out to have sex with you, and call him a tosser, all in the same email. I wonder if he is starting to hate me as much as I hate him. I think I would, in his situation.
  • Return to gym, get in jacuzzi for 20 minutes.
  • Start to feel faint. Remember that you still didn’t eat. Try to eat something.

I am tired, I have wet hair and I want to sleep. I think I overdid it. Now I have to put make up on and go out and meet tonight’s date, I don’t know how I am even going to muster up the energy to get there, much less talk to the dude.

Honcho didn’t reply so it looks like he’s not speaking to me again. THANK YOU. Thank Satan one of us has some common sense.

2 Health points.

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