Put your trainers on and go outside.

I went outside and walked 8 miles (1 Health point). It was slightly less than my usual pace and I still feel like I am losing my mind but going outdoors and just doing exercise is what matters, even if you aren’t concentrating very well.

I hope I fall in love on one of these dates this week, or if not this week then while I am away. Abdul really did me a world of good for a while there back in May. If I can’t free myself from addiction to the Honcho, I can at least cover it up by becoming addicted to something else. I have so much energy and passion and limited places for it to go.

Smoove: I’m A Man

3 thoughts on “Put your trainers on and go outside.”

  1. Yep, get out and do it.
    Great tags by the way. Summer of Love , I’m gonna take my clothes off.
    Kinda curious if my girl is writing this? (I’ve heard that)
    Biking then tennis was a treat with her the other eve.

      1. Find a trainer. The twisting, accelerating, stopping, hand / eye coordination, balance. I almost needed elbow protection. The practice court was not perfect. Scuffed but didn’t trip.

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