People should be more psychic plus! Weakly Weigh In

If he were more psychic like one would expect, he would know I want to talk to him right now and he would come online. I am not going to ask him to talk to me. But he should know.

Interesting anecdote: I am as you know a good atheist and rationalist and not much given to the supernatural. But let me quickly tell you about my ex, the proper ex, the one where we lived together for 5 years until our breakup gave birth to this blog. He had some kind of psychic emotional radar. There were times after we separated, just like there are times now with the Honcho, where I would suddenly feel like I needed to talk to him most urgently. And he was apparently able to sense these moments from considerable distances away and would immediately contact me. He was quite matter-of-fact about this ability. He said it was no different than getting a phone call. Even more interestingly, when we really finally broke up properly, the kind where you are friends afterwards, he said that he was going to have to switch me off from his radar because he could tell when I was emitting general distress signals and if we weren’t in a relationship then it was difficult for him to do much about it and possibly a bit TMI. So there you go. Cue Twilight Zone music, mingle mangle, mingle mangle. I don’t think the Honcho has that particular skill.

In other news, I weakly weighed in and apparently I have gained two fucking pounds so that is how much of a shit day I am having.

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