There’s an app for that.

I am festivalled out. I didn’t even take any photos on the last day. In the previous post I added some new photos that I took of U-Roy, btw, take a look if you missed them. I will do a points round up and claim an Art point for attending that event in due course.

I am home and I am knackered. My legs are aching as though I’d done loads of aerobics, which is a good thing, because One Love certainly bodged a hole in my exercise regime.

Things I need to do:

  • Work, omg, so busy all the time. The next few weeks are going to be very active and this week might be a bit mental.
  • Get back in the gym, I think it has been 4 days since I last did any weights and I don’t want to lose muscle.
  • Running. That thing going twang in my shin has not stopped and it was not very happy with all the dancing I was doing at the weekend so we will have to take it a bit carefully.
  • Clean my house, it has somehow magically turned into a tip again.
  • Various stupid pieces of non-movable domestic admin, inconveniently timed appointments and such littering my diary.

I don’t know why being alive is such bloody hard work. I suspended my online dating accounts because I am too busy just now to see anyone.

Of course, if one is busy and at risk of getting stressed, the best thing to do is make a sensible plan of action and then waste your own time by playing stupid games on your iPad. We love gaming here at TLYW, even though it is a bit frivolous, so here’s what’s distracting me and keeping me even further removed from a good session of Warcraft.


Free App Magic

This app makes other apps available to you, free of charge, even if they normally cost money. There are three new ones available every day. Sometimes they are bits of utility or cosmetic software but also quite a lot of them are games. I’ve been using Free App Magic for a few weeks now and I can’t see anything to dislike about it.



Hay Day

Basically Farmville. Which I don’t play, due to not being on Facebook. Hay Day is a likeable enough game, you know the routine, buy some chickens, buy some cows, buy some pigs, plant some crops, save up the gold coins, buy a slightly bigger barn, etc, until you wonder why you are doing it. Still quite fun though. Very realistic animal noises and cute graphics.



The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Funny, clever, as you would expect from The Simpsons. Makes frequent ironic reference to the tropes and conventions of social media games, eg the way they try to make you spend money on in-game purchases. This is a game that is designed so as to be faithful to the Simpsons characters, so they each have their own range of possible actions: Lisa can practise the saxophone, Homer wallows in the kiddie pool and watches TV, Flanders condemns science and does emergency bible study. Loads of fun. There is a social element to this game, as with HayDay; I don’t see myself bothering with the social part but it is still enjoyable game play.



Tiny Tower

This is an interesting one. Perhaps if you are an elderly gamer like me you might remember Sim Tower, a small but elegant game that was published for the PC by Maxis back in 1994. This has slightly less nice graphics but operates on the same, strangely compelling, principle. You build a gradually-expanding tower block, fill it with businesses and residential units, manage everyone and everything and collect the rent and profits. Strangely, in this game, once you’ve got your basic tower block open for business, you then take over the role of lift operator and pass the time ferrying customers around the building in exchange for tips while waiting for the population to grow.


And that’s all today’s news. 0 points of any description.

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