One Love Festival 2013: Part 1

Yay! The One Love reggae festival is right now, I’ve just got home and will go back for more tomorrow and probably Sunday as well. It was great! I can’t remember the last time I went to a festival, it must be years, but I am right in the mood for it now.

Here are some photos from Day 1.

Setting up. There are I think 5 stages in total, plus numerous bars, stalls selling food and festival crap, etc. I immediately scored myself some beads and a fluffy cushion to sit on (WIN).


I love this next pic, even though the sun isn’t shining. Observe the young lad dancing on the right. He doesn’t know that couple. He was going up behind various strangers and doing crazy dancing to make his friends laugh.


A crowd gathers at the main stage as the sun sets. On stage is reggae DJ David Rodigan.


Instrument of Jah sound system playing some heavy, heavy tunes in their tent.


The highlight of my night: General Levy!! Awesome. I screamed, jumped up and down, yelled ‘booyaka’ a lot and finally stood still long enough to get video. More news tomorrow. I am glad now that I am there on my own.

5 thoughts on “One Love Festival 2013: Part 1”

  1. Nice! I ened up at a folk festival by myself a few weeks ago. Realized I was having the best time cause I was doing exactly what I wanted to – no compromises 🙂

      1. mine had a 45 min shuttle bus back to city. sat in third row, as the bus filled there were about 6 individual women festival goers between about 40-60… was a fun ride back, but it was an interesting look at my possible future!

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