Fitness Guy didn’t show up, I thought he probably wouldn’t, I was rather short with him after he made one too many presumptuous remarks about the tame yet mildly unpleasant ways in which he entertains “the older married women at my gym”. Listen, buddy. Quite apart from the dubious etiquette of going on about “older women”, I’m not some dopey housewife who needs to have her pathetically small range of fantasies fulfilled because of being married to Kevin McFuckwit for 30 years. You should be asking me to teach you something. Which I actually wasn’t really planning on doing. Is more or less what I said to him.

So we can’t really blame him for not showing up.

Instead I took myself out to dinner here & it was great. I meant to photograph the food but then I ate it.


2 thoughts on “Sushi”

    1. Totally agree on all counts. The food was great, I love taking myself out to dinner. Poor boy, lol, they don’t know what they are dealing with. A long time ago a friend of my then-partner described me as “a bag of razor blades with ‘sweets’ written on the outside”.

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