I ran.

This is a big deal because I haven’t run for ages and running is a VERY unpleasant experience if you are out of practise. I did Day 1 Week 1 of Todd Lange’s 10k programme, which has you running for four sets of eight minutes, so 32 minutes in total. My legs didn’t hurt a bit, which was a blessing, evidently the large muscles I have built up in my legs from the long distance walking can easily cope with 30 minutes of jogging, so that was fine. Aerobic fitness – still a long way to go. Breathing like a freight train, purple in the face, pouring with sweat, it’s all so dignified and lovely. Anyway. I did it!  I also did my 40-minute weight training routine while I was at the gym.

Date with the fitness trainer guy later. I’m not going to get over excited. On the one hand, yes FREE TRAINING omg. On the other hand, the relationship has already found its dynamic and I am speaking to him as though he were a small child.

It really is a giant effort of will today not to email the Honcho and say “look, even though I yelled at you and my last words to you were ‘fuck off’, please can we try one more time to make this work” because he’s one of the few guys that I’ve ever dated in my whole life that I didn’t secretly think was an idiot.  In fact he might be the only one. And even he makes me wonder sometimes.

2 Health points.

PS. Abdul texted me from Egypt to tell me that he is alive and OK.

Booty Luv: Boogie 2nite

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