All caught up.

OK, I think I’m now caught up at work, the Honcho episode happened at a bad time, I was super busy already and did not need 4 days of tears and recriminations. Had to put in a long day at work today to catch up, it is 10.30 pm now. It was a day with no emo drama, and I think I am there now and my big work project is back on track. We obviously don’t get any achievement points just for performing at work but at least this means I can start exercising again.

Speaking of which.

I was chatting on the dating website with an uncomplicated-seeming young guy who is a fully-qualified and university-educated fitness instructor, self-employed and available at all kinds of convenient hours. I told him about my ambitions to run 10k in early October and he said it is possible if I start training for it immediately and that he would be more than happy to give me 6 weeks of intensive FREE training to get me there. So that’s why I am going to meet him tomorrow and I really hope we like each other because this could be a dream come true. I just want somebody to encourage me in good habits.

2 thoughts on “All caught up.”

  1. Wow! Congrats on meeting a nice guy. I love the connection you two have already created! I wish you so much luck on the goal at hand. Running isn’t easy and that amount of dedication is worth having a second person who understands and can push you!

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