Weakly Weigh In

I’ve just noticed it’s been a week since the last Weakly Weigh-In, so here goes.

Scores on the Doors: 148 lbs (down 1 pound). I should bloody hope so as well, after burning off a minimum of 800 calories in cardio seven days a week. Anyway, good. That’s a good enough result considering that I compensated for yesterday’s mild emotional distress by eating an entire box of Florentines.

Weights: I am making slow but sure progress with weight training. Persistent. Hanging on in there. Ensuring that I’m making a real effort with all the exercises.

Clothes: I didn’t think I had anything to report this week on the subject of clothes fitting differently. But then I realised that all day yesterday I wore a stretchy Pineapple vest that clings everywhere and that I had previously regarded myself as too fat for. I look okay in it now because my arms and upper body seem to be getting slimmer this week and while I’m still round in the front, it is gradually becoming less noticeable. In fact I took a picture of myself wearing this top and a tiny skirt and sent it to the Honcho yesterday so you can tell I must have been feeling fairly confident that I didn’t look awful in it.

Running: I am being a lazy shit and hardly doing any, because I prefer to power-walk, and now I need to rest whatever muscle or tendon it is that I’ve irritated in my leg. As soon as it stops hurting I need to make a committed fresh start with running otherwise I will not have time to train for this 10k in October and the whole thing will end in embarrassment.

Summary: Weight: down. Clothes: I look surprisingly okay in a stretchy vest that I’d previously rejected as too small.

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