Out of sorts.

Everything is weird and strange.

(1) I have hurt my leg, that thing that was going twang the other day is still going twang and is sore, This means no cardio for a couple of days. I still need to go the gym and lift weights.

(2) Socrates didn’t show up for our date yesterday. At least we get 1 Home point for cleaning the house.

(3) I am very unhappy with the Head Honcho for suddenly reappearing and disturbing my equilibrium. He doesn’t care too much for me and I don’t know why he returns to me. I am mildly upset. I sent him a picture of a £3k gold bracelet and told him that he has to bring it to our next meeting if he wants me to agree to anything, which is ridiculous because there is never a next meeting and moreover he probably thinks I should be paying him.

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