I went to the gym to lift weights and then I walked 7 miles at a faster pace than my usual best effort until it felt like something was going twang in my leg. 2 Health points.

OMG dating news.

I had two emails. Actually, they arrived 2 days apart but I only just read them both together, just now, thanks to bloody meetup.com sending me thousands of notifications that I don’t need and that are laborious to opt out of. So here they are.


Pedro. Has fallen in love with his flatmate and wants to break up with me. Aww. No problem, baby, it’s fine. Do what you need to do. I am only disappointed that I will not get to see him react to my jaw-dropping weight loss while he’s been away, which I was looking forward to.


The Head Honcho. Said he has not stopped thinking about me for a week(!). Actually used the phrase ‘dreaming of you’.

I would love to think that it is just because he loves me, and I did think that for a few minutes but then I realised it’s more likely been triggered because he’s feeling like he’s not very in love with someone else. Hey ho. We will see what happens. It certainly makes me feel like exercising more. It is our two year anniversary next month, I told him to feel free to bring a present.

Now I need to clean my house again because Socrates is coming over tomorrow.

Roy Davis Jr: About Love

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