Weakly Weigh In. This week’s news: better-fitting bras.

Scores on the doors: I have gained a pound this week despite rigorous dieting from about Tuesday, making me 149 lbs. I find the weight situation baffling and am trying not to fret about it because see below notes on shape.

Shape: I am beginning to see how the current diet and exercise regime is going to work. If you remember, at the last weigh-in, I was interested to note that I had narrower hips, it was as though someone had planed off the curves at the sides while I was asleep. Well, this week it is part of my upper body that has suddenly changed. When you put on a tight, compressing bra, like all sports bras, for example, if you have any excess body fat, there’s going to be an unsightly bulge over the top of the bra, just under your arms. Well, to my surprise, this week that seems to have disappeared. I am still round in the front.

Muscle. I am finding weight training so interesting. This is the most seriously I’ve ever pursued it. I am working hard in the gym and being systematic about it. The effects on my body are very interesting. I noticed this week that I’ve suddenly sprouted small new muscles in my shoulders, you know the ones at the side of your neck. I can’t say that visible muscle in the neck area was something I was particularly aiming for, but okay. I regard these changes as incoming scientific data at this point. The other really noticeable (to me) change is in my upper arms. My biceps are coming along well. Right now they are hidden under a comfortable layer of fat, so from most angles and in most situations I just look like I have fat upper arms (sigh). However. I unconsciously put my hand on my upper arm the other day, as I was pondering something else, and I was amazed to feel a solid lump of muscle under there, like a small rock. I was astonished. I’ve never felt anything that bulky and hard in my arm that wasn’t a bone. I went and looked in the mirror. There was a moment where the light and shade caught my arm just right and displayed a curve of muscle that I would find hella sexy if I saw it on someone else. I think if I could shed a layer of fat, I would look ripped.

Summary. Weight: up. Muscle: up. Clothes test: sports bras are better-fitting.

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