Socrates had better be worth it. Here’s today’s news.

Work: OK, staying on top of it, it is the one non-negotiable factor in my life. There is plenty of it to keep me busy.

Fitness: I walked 10.5 miles today. I just checked and for someone of my weight, that uses up 866 calories. When is it going to start working? I am going to start looking skinny really soon, right? I swear I am never eating cookies or pie ever again. If I believed in Jesus I would be asking him to intervene right about now.

Reclaiming the Stinky Home: I did loads of housework last night and now I have to get on the case and do some more if there’s going to be any hope of it being visitor-ready by Saturday.

Points: 2 (1 health, 1 housework).

I would play you a tune but there isn’t time.

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