The Book of Mormon

OK, so I did a couple of things that are not fitness related! Yay!

I went to a Meetup, it was the first one I’ve been to. It was a craft group. It was nice. I might go again. There was one woman in particular who I got on with. I feel encouraged now to try some other meetups. There’s a group for absolutely everything. I think I’m having a Friends point for that, it is good to go out and meet people in situations where you aren’t either working with them or dating them.


I went out with young Klaus and we had a thoroughly nice evening. We had dinner and talked about some business projects that we could potentially do together. Then went to the Prince of Wales Theatre, which is a delightful and cosy theatre, to see The Book of Mormon, a musical concerning the Church of the Latter Day Saints, by Parker & Stone, creators of South Park. It’s hilarious, as one might expect, and the costumes, sets and dancing are unexpectedly superior. This show is on until mid January 2014, so you have loads of time to go and see it. 1 Art point.


Book of Mormon


Pedro is still away and I am restless. I uploaded a photo of myself to the dating website, using a new profile that is short on content, and now I’m getting mail. There’s one guy in particular who I’m talking to. He has one of those kinds of faces that I like. Plus he has got swagger. I think we are going to go for a swagger round the park one evening, quite soon (exercise). So I will let you know what happens.

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