Sticky, and not in a good way.

It’s so humid here, still. Cooler and trying to rain but the sticky, sweaty humidity remains in full force. Very unpleasant.

Weights then 8 mile walk yesterday. Today, 8 mile walk. 3 Health points.

Pedro has been away travelling for weeks and I am starting to find the celibacy difficult to deal with. I am just going to try and hold on until he comes back, should be in about a week or so. I like Pedro and I don’t want to do the next round of internet dating until I’ve shed a few more pounds. It is very hard, though. I am living a very plain life at the moment. I actually went to two social events which I ought to claim points for, so it’s not like I’m completely starved of social contact but you know, the healthier one becomes, the more one needs some kind of sex life.

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