Weakly Weigh In. This week’s news: slimmer hips.

Scores on the doors: I am back down to 148 lbs, this means I’ve lost the three pounds that I suddenly gained in an alarming and completely unfair way a couple of weeks ago upon commencing weight training. So at least the weight loss ticker is accurate again now, which is something. Still have quite a way to go but at least things are heading in the right direction again.

Shape: Still round in the front but my hips are looking slimmer today. Definitely a bit of fat loss there. They used to have a pronounced curve which has now had a bit shaved off it and become a more gentle slope.

Small jeans test: I can get into the jeans and do them up without struggling. They are close-fitting and I would be bulging out of them as soon as I ate a meal, however it is great news that I can get into them.

Sportswear test: OK , so I have sportswear in two sizes: UK 14, known in the cruel, cruel world of sportswear as Large, and UK 12, known as Medium.  (American readers, UK 14 is your size 10; European readers, this is your size 42.) In terms of waist measurement, which is my biggest challenge, a UK 14 implies a waist measurement of 31-32 inches, in fact I’ve just got the tape measure out and 32 inches looks about right. If I can slim down enough to get into my alternative wardrobe of size 12 clothes, my waist will have gone down to 30 inches and I will be happy because I can wear all my smaller clothes. If I get all the way to my weight loss goal, which would leave me at 133 lbs which is where I was 10 years ago, I will have a waist of about 28 inches and I will be able to wear some gorgeous size 10 clothes that I’ve had in storage for ages because I couldn’t fit into them any more.

Summary. Weight: down. Small jeans: yes, but could not wear comfortably all day. Size 12 sportswear: not yet.

2 thoughts on “Weakly Weigh In. This week’s news: slimmer hips.”

  1. Go for it girl,
    I actually thought of asking how far you wanted slim down to and a dumb ass attempt to cover the question – how far do you have to go. Good info. fill in.
    Calories in – calories out. Just as well slather the rest on the thighs like peanut butter to help slip into the spandex.

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