Very annoying and stupid walk today.

Weather: very hot, so humid you sweat all the time just from existing and the air is as thick as soup. So basically the same as the last 2-3 weeks except that the sun has gone in, so the single good feature of the weather has disappeared.

Set off on walk, got about a mile and a half from my house, then my period started, necessitating a dash into the chemist and the nearest pub toilet.

Continued on my way, on an exciting new route that I had planned using, until it turned out that Map My Run wanted me to walk along the side of one of the busiest motorways in the UK, which has to be just about the unhealthiest thing I can think of. You would get more health benefits from staying indoors and smoking 200 cigarettes. So that was the end of that.

Diverting away from the giant motorway, I found a scrubby bit of park and some signs that the local council had erected, indicating a designated walk. Hooray! Back on track. I went along for a mile or two and then the police had closed off the rest.

I think it was soon after that that I lost my glasses. You see, I had tucked them in to the strap of my bum bag instead of putting them actually inside the bag, because the bag was obliged to contain a large box of tampons from earlier.

At this point I was thoroughly frustrated so I walked home via Starbucks.

7.5 miles. 1 Health point.


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