Fitness News

Points Round-Up

Yesterday: felt out of sorts. Went outdoors and walked 8 miles. Still did not feel better so skipped the gym.

Today: felt better. Walked 7 miles plus lifted weights at the gym.

3 Health points.

Weight: scared to look.

General health news:

  • Am now back on a calorie restricted and portion controlled diet, I think I was a bit hungry for a while there, as I was suddenly sprouting new muscles, but it’s back on track now.
  • I feel like I’ve recovered from that episode of Incredible-Hulk-like gigantism that happened to me a few days ago. It must have been water retention. I feel like I’ve returned to a more normal size. My legs are toned and look great and have stopped looking like trees.
  • I am still round in the front, it annoys me so much. It is the last part of my body to respond. The whole of the rest of my body is going to look like an Olympic athlete before I finally get abs that you can see.
  • Weight training is going great! I go in and do all the exercises on the list that the trainer originally gave me, plus a couple of new ones that I added myself, recently. As I go around the gym, using all the fun machines, I check the list for how much weight I’m supposed to push. If it seems like it’s starting to get too easy, I move up to the next weight. I’m not keeping a record of the dates on which I level up, so to speak, which I’ll probably regret later, but right now that’s OK. I noticed today that I’ve moved up at least once in all the exercises except for the shoulder press. So that’s great! Soon will be strong like bear.

News in pictures. A couple of photos from around London. I’m really starting to feel like part of the community because I’m out in it all the time. I helped a lady across the road today.

Sometimes an 8-mile walk ends at a restaurant where you read books about weight training, feel glad that it is summer, and try to order a salad and not the deep-fried mozzarella. I didn’t eat that bread, by the way. They just put it there.


Sometimes walking in London can be challenging. There you are, powering down the road when suddenly you are brought to a standstill by a gigantic celebration with hordes of people, many in gorgeous clothes, the young people all were dressed up to the nines. So you slow down to the pace of the crowd, smile at everyone and eventually take a little detour that hopefully doesn’t result in being slightly lost.



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