Massive hunger for carbs the last couple of days and I am more or less eating at will. Walked 8 miles yesterday and the same again today. These things might possibly be related. If I keep up this routine I could cover 40-50 miles a week.

The only thing that makes the hot weather feel good is going outside and moving around in it. I’m finding it hard to make myself stay indoors.

I am starting to take it as a matter of personal injustice that I don’t already look like a supermodel. I must have been to the gym, like, four times now, I should look like Kate Moss. The current state of play is that I am still a fat bastard but I am beginning to have visible muscles in my arms as well as my legs and that’s not a bad look, esp if you are sporting a tan. So all in all, I am chunky but muscly. So that’ll have to do for now. It looks like I can grow muscle faster than I can burn off fat. Gym again tomorrow.

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