My crimes against fashion.

Hot then hotter. The weather, that is. I’m dressing for comfort. Doubtless that could include a lot of different types of fashion. I see women around my neighbourhood in their sun dresses and little sandals and hair accessories. I don’t have any time for that, though. I’m not trying to attract anyone just now as I feel I still have some shaping up that I want to do before I’m going to be interested in impressing other people, so in a completely functional way, I am just wearing loads and loads of sportswear. Shorts. Vests made out of special hi tech running fabric. Baseball caps. Loud trainers. Swishy ponytail.

Today I’m wearing pink Adidas trainers, as seen earlier on TLYW, Lonsdale running shorts in a similar and quite horrible shade of pink, a Nike t-shirt in custard yellow and a white baseball cap of no particular origin. I look like a strawberry trifle. But, you know, it’s by far the most comfortable clothing I have for this weather and of course it means I’m permanently ready to go out for a walk or go to the gym. I have been hanging around, browsing even more lurid, hi-tech vests and shorts because I’m going through 2 outfits a day and it’s hard to not run out of clothes even when I’m doing a lot of laundry. I hope this fitness phase lasts as long as possible because I am mentally packing for my next trip and I would be thrilled with myself if all the clothing I took in my suitcase was pairs of trainers and piles of exercise gear. It would be great. I am planning this trip in my head and I would love it if I could spend the whole time either in the gym or outdoors doing amateur athletics. And I guess there is no reason why it cannot be like that.

Raspberry shorts, aqua vest … mmm I think I’ll wear those together and let’s throw in that lime jacket and do you have any lavender accessories. It’s like the 1980s all over again.


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