OK, I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. What I actually did yesterday was attempt to make a birthday gift for my niece, but mainly sleeping and sticking my head under a cold tap every 30 minutes and sitting next to a fan. It was 32 degrees in London yesterday and hotter than that in my flat. It’s very humid and sticky. This is about as hot as it is possible to get in the UK and our collective lack of domestic air conditioning means that the government is starting to issue public health warnings. According to my personal frame of reference for temperature, it’s now hotter here than it was in Egypt a couple of months ago and is about on a par with when I was in Delhi last summer where you would fry as soon as you stepped out of the door and your bottle of water would immediately heat up to the temperature of a warm bath.

Photos on the Guardian website showing Brits determinedly enjoying amounts of sun that they aren’t used to. Brighton beach yesterday was absolutely jam packed. How I am going to get through the things I need to do today, I don’t know.

I’m drinking gallons of water in order to stay alive and have lost another pound this morning. If only dieting were this easy all the time.

Lee Perry: City Too Hot

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