A long day.

That was a big long day at work. Early start, late finish. I was working with people all day, teaching, training, facilitating things. On the way home I was so tired that I couldn’t even walk the short distance home from the tube station and had to get the bus instead. Needless to say I am not going back out for a run. On the plus side:

  • I knew this would happen so that’s why I went out late last night and squeezed in a brisk 6-mile walk to compensate.
  • I hardly ate all day because I was too busy. I had half a cheese sandwich and a banana. On the way home I passed a couple of pubs and believe me I was very tempted by the thought of a big robust burger and crispy golden chips but I managed to resist, mostly because I wasn’t certain that if I went into a pub or restaurant and sat down, I’d be able to get up again. So I went home and cooked a massive vegetable stir-fry which I’m eating now and is certainly a better choice.
  • The scales this morning recorded a loss of one pound. Hurrah! At last! I know I am growing muscles and muscle is heavy, but still. It was extremely gratifying to see the scales finally going down just the tiniest bit.

I’ve lost track of my Achievement points. I know I’m due two from yesterday (1 gym, 1 walk) so I’m just going to add those and not worry about it.

Gym tomorrow. Will have to make a good effort tomorrow because I have a very full schedule again on Sunday. Now I’m going to relax, watch a film and go to bed. Or I might just go to bed, even if it is only nine o’clock and still light outside.

Thank you so much for coming with me on this journey, guys. It really helps me a lot to know you are reading along and following my efforts. I feel I have a little team of people that I’m accountable to. Thank you 🙂

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