I feel buff.

Of course, the reality is that I am still apple-shaped and I am several weeks away from great abs. But the other reality is that I can see the fat melting off me. I’ve noticeably lost weight off my face, my jaw and cheekbones are sharper and my legs are columns of firm, lean muscle. I have a waist that goes in at the sides and yesterday I wore my ‘I Like Donuts’ t-shirt, the one that you have to be quite skinny to wear if you don’t want to look like you enjoy donuts a bit too much.

I got up early this morning and went to the gym to lift weights. Here’s the best part – after the gym I went to see my GP. He measured my lung capacity, noted a startling improvement since I last had it measured three weeks ago, shook my hand and told me to get out there and start running. YAY!!

Then I emailed the Head Honcho and asked him why we are not having sex. No harm in asking, right? Damn you, increased sex drive.

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