Weakly Weigh In

I am 68 kilos, or 150 lbs. Despite fairly rigorous dieting, I have not managed to lose any weight this week. I’m definitely looking a bit slimmer around the middle, though, so I am going to attribute my failure to move the numbers on the scales to increased muscles in my legs. They are firm, I’ve definitely got bigger calves and I know from past experience that I can pack on muscle really fast when I’m paying attention to exercise. I never knew that about myself until in recent years, after the start of TLYW. When I was a kid and a teenager I liked dancing but I didn’t think of myself as sporty at all and I certainly didn’t think of myself as someone who can grow muscles more or less on command. So I am not going to worry about it. I am just going to hang on in there.

Will squeeze in some more cardio at some point today. Probably walking again as my lungs are still de-cluttering themselves. I am really aching in my chest and shoulders from lifting weights at the gym yesterday and that is a good feeling.

One more thing to put on my list for when I’ve acquired nice abs: go see my handsome dentist. I like seeing him more when I am slim & fit. Also I recklessly told Pedro that I would be a solid wall of muscle by the next time I see him, which could be a month away, so there’s an extra bit of incentive to keep at it.

JC is definitely not speaking to me, probably ever again, and Abdul’s romantic impulses are moderated by the fact that he has absolutely no money. I was thinking of going to a few events courtesy of meetup.com. That way I could meet a few new people without Pedro seeing that I’ve reactivated my online dating account.

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