Outdoors every day.

I decided the weather was too nice to not go outside so I put off the gym for one more day and power-walked around my manor for two hours and 45 minutes, divided between lunchtime and after work.

I have a blister on my heel and one of my toes is bleeding because I didn’t cut my nails quite short enough. And that, folks, is when you know you are finally starting to do some actual physical work. I remember these minor injuries from when I was making a serious effort with running in 2011, they are little badges of honour.

My lungs have always been my weak spot; I can feel them improving by the day and I’ll be ready to start running again very soon. I’m  trying to eat as healthily as possible; as I write this I’m scoffing a green salad with two soft-boiled eggs. I tried on my smaller jeans today and managed to get into them. What that means is that while I am certainly not skinny yet, I have shifted most of those 8 lbs that I gained while I was in that spontaneous 16-week knitting marathon. Also, the heat and exercise are making me drink lots of water and we all know that’s good for weight loss.

I’ve started listening to Scott Jurek‘s book, Eat and Run, and I will give you a review when I’ve finished it. I’ve always found Scott Jurek inspirational and now I’m hearing about his childhood and teenage years, I’m even more in awe of him.

I think that’s all for today. Definitely weight training tomorrow. Let’s have some jungle, because that’s what’s on my headphones at the moment when I’m not listening to Scott being heroic. Video features bonus Ali G. Booyaka! Booyaka! Junglist massive!

General Levy: Incredible

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