Badman Ting

I’m bored and restless.

I’m still marching around London – I’ve scored 3 Health points since I last updated the Achievements page – so I ought to have a sun tan before too long. I’m also starting to think that the air conditioning of the gym sounds nice so I’m going to pack my gym bag tonight and then I’m ready to go tomorrow and lift some weights.

I had another date with Pedro – our 6th, I think. I wish I were capable of having stronger feelings about him. On paper, he is just about perfect. Sincere. Handsome. Really nice manners. Educated. Well-read and interesting. Wants to go out and do enriching cultural things and not just stay in having sex all the time. I ought to be wildly excited about him. Instead I’ve been hanging around Abdul and even JC, God help me.

Oh, if you were wondering why things went a bit quiet with Pedro for a while there, it’s not because he’s gone off me as I initially thought, it’s because he’s having to look for a new flat and a new job at the same time, which I should think is enough to make anyone a bit preoccupied. Also I won’t see him again for a while now because he’s got work related travel and then holiday involving going home to Portugal for a few weeks. By the time he comes back, I’ll be just about on schedule for jetting off on my travels again so in fact we might not see each other very much for the remaining couple of months of summer. I am not as sad about this as I feel I should be. I’m just inclined to be slightly irritable and think that I deserve to be passionately in love with someone, at any rate. I think Abdul has made me discontented by reminding me how it feels to be a bit breathless over an angry, brooding man with fire in his eyes. I’m missing that badman ting.

Well, we shall proceed with the plan as already outlined. If I really want a handsome badman to bounce and sweat with then I’m going to need rock hard abs, so. I shall continue to eat sparingly, I shall work out as much as possible and then when I can see that I’m starting to look like I’m in excellent physical shape I will go out and find what I’m looking for because I live in London, FFS, and this city is swarming with them.

Dirty Danger ft. Tinchy Stryder: Badman Ting



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